Digital Obsession Workshop “Advances in Architectural Geometry” – Day 2

March 7,  2012

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Workshop “4”

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Workshop “2”

Workshop “1”

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Rhino Level 1 – NURBS Modeling
Day 2

The second day of workshop started with the lecture about Morphology of Architecture, explaining its outcome from primary to digital point. During the media presentation, M. Arch. Aref Maksoud proved the function of the shapes and forms coming out from nature, such as plants or animals.

After two hours of teaching, participants were prepared to start their own research in order to develop an individual project. Students were encouraged to set their minds free, create without any design limits and work in the mood boards, blogging first panels. In the meanwhile, Professor Maksoud was open to everyone aiming for consultancy and individual revision.

Afterwords the main role was played by Digital Tool Class, where participants obtained skills and knowledge about using Rhinoceros, creating 3D models.

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